live preview of Vega visualizations

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Vega is a declarative language for making data visualizations. It’s bona fide awesome. Check it out.

This is a tiny tool for quickly viewing Vega visualizations, complete with live updates. You can live-code your visualization in your favorite editor. Or you can automatically see updates as new points are added to a data file---so you can watch an experiment progress in real time.

Vegalive is written for Node.js, so it’s installed with npm. Just type:

$ npm install -g vegalive

Then, go to a directory that has one of your Vega specs (i.e., .json files) and type:

$ vegalive

As the output suggests, you’ll then want to point your browser at http://localhost:4915. There you’ll see a list of JSON documents in the current directory. Click on your plot’s filename to see it rendered in glorious HTML5.

Then the magic happens: